Isle of Man TT – a short but sweet visit

The Isle of Man is fast becoming my favourite place. Maybe that’s largely due to the fact that it’s home to the Isle of Man TT, the deadliest race on earth! Obviously it’s not the death that draws me in, but the speed and danger definitely does.

I first went to the TT in 2013, and it’s fair to say I’ve been addicted ever since. It’s difficult to explain the adrenaline rush of bikes rushing past you feet away at 180mph+, you’ve got to experience it for yourself.

So this year I returned, unfortunately only for a practice session which was cancelled due to rain! However, this didn’t stop me from getting my camera out.

Luckily there were some Pre TT classics racing on the Southern 100 track down on the south of the island, so I did get to see some action! I found a great spot perched up a mound in a field. Almost ripped my jeans getting to my position, it’s all part of the fun really.

Now, onto the bike shots. First things first, getting shots of these bikes was a whole lot easier than the full-blown 2017 super bikes! They’re quick but that not that quick!

After my recent camera upgrade, I didn’t need to use manual focus, my auto focus is fast enough to track the bikes screaming towards me. However, shutter speed is vital, I set it around 1/1500 sec adjusting as and when required and shot in continuous mode and panning across as they whipped by. Aperture I kept at auto and used my Nikon 1 30-110mm lens.

Down at the Grandstand, as rain had stopped play I was left with stalking the riders and spying in the paddocks instead of seeing the real action.

I almost missed Michael Dunlop walking past me hence the poor quality snap – total prep failure with that one! It was good to see Guy again though, unfortunately the TT didn’t pan out the way he wanted, but he’ll be back!

Next year I plan to be back, but this time for race week, and I will come back with that hero shot.


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