Dubai from a different angle

Some say Dubai is a like Lego city, and I agree. I think of it as New York in the desert. Any building design seems possible, no matter how crazy it sounds or may look, so long as it does look good! Anything is possible… Need more land? Sure, just make your own island!

That’s why you can’t really go wrong with the photos that you’ll bring home, it’s obvious where you’ve been as they’re so recognisable.


However, this was my second visit to Dubai, and having already pictured the landmarks once, I wanted to make sure I got a different and improved result 2nd time around.


During the trip I took a boat ride which rocketed around the palm and along to the Burj Al Arab stopping on the way for photo opportunities, this was a great way to see Dubai from a different perspective.

I was keen to get the perfect shot of the Burj Al Arab during the visit, and figured the best way to do it was to combine getting the view with having a beer and cocktail (I often adopt this technique). I’d strongly recommend 360 Bar, which is part of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, it’s the end of a harbour wall, and they even put on a free golf buggy service to save you the walk!

The cocktails are great, especially at happy hour, but it’s the view thats the main attraction. It’s a fairy swanky bar, so I wouldn’t roll up with your tripods and stuff, but there is a ledge where you can rest your camera on to steady it for a longer shutter speed.

Downtown now at Dubai Mall. The hardest part of photographing the Burj Khalifa is actually fitting it all in to your frame, you can only move back so far when you’re stood by the fountains. The easiest way I found was to shoot on an angle, with the tip of the building in the top left corner, it actually gives you that little bit of extra room to squeeze it all on.


Angling the horizon, or holding the camera wonky is a technique I use regularly to make the shot a little more interesting. They display a light show at 8.15pm every night, time your visit for then, it’s worth it.

You can actually come away with good shots without actually shooting the fountains.  Out of two visits now, I still haven’t come away with a fountain shot that I’m happy with…they’re just so big, so it’s hard to do them justice.  


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