Time for an upgrade

My Nikon 1 J2 has been a smashing little camera, offering every setting I needed whilst being small enough to fit in my coat pocket (just about!). It’s been all over the world with me in the last 3 years, never letting me down. Until recently that is.

The camera developed a fault during a recent trip to Dublin, with the camera only intermittently capturing the light. I narrowed the fault down to being the lens. I struggled through the day, but with upcoming travels on the horizon, it could only mean one thing.

Time for an upgrade, you need a camera you can rely on. In comes the Nikon 1 J5. You might question why buy another compact camera, aren’t they a bit amateurish? Why not make the jump to a DSLR camera? Why stick with Nikon 1?


For me, why would I want to move away from Nikon 1? I can still use my interchangeable Nikkor 30-110 zoom lens (which wasn’t cheap!) and its also the right size for me. I don’t want to be lugging large equipment around with me when travelling. The J5 offers everything the J2 did and more. The only thing it doesn’t give me is a viewfinder, which to be fair is a snag when shooting in sunny locations. However it does a tilting LCD screen, perfect for the customary selfie.

What’s great about the Nikon 1 series is that it has the all DSLR settings you need, but being less than half the size. You can configure the lot, including shutter speed, aperture, ISO and manually focus. Here’s a couple of the stats, all an improvement on the J2:

  • 20.8 megapixels
  • Shutter speeds from 30 secs to 1/16000th
  • FPS – 20 (60 with fixed focus)
  • ISO range – 160 – 12800
  • 171 Auto focus points
  • Built in wifi

Over the last week it’s had its first proper run out, and the results have been great! It’s not let me down once. Check back for a match report on how it performed soon.


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